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Since 1951

Celebrating 60th Year of Anniversary

Jayalakshme Heavy Driving School

"To achieve accident free society tomorrow make your kids learn traffic signals today"

Driving Programs

For House Wives

Majority of the women are housewives / homemakers with little or limited access to affluence. JDS knows the busy schedule of the home makers and helps them to find the best time to learn driving.

Female instructors have been appointed to train women at our driving school. At JDS, the training programs are as per international standards and include both theory and practical sessions. Difficult driving situations such as fog, uphill terrain, rain and night driving is taught to the learners. The perfect blend of theory and practical gives learners a critical insight into the driving skills.

For Educational Institutions

License is a significant asset for the students. At the time of graduation each student should have license which will help them in their future endeavours. To serve this purpose, we at JDS come to your institution and work directly with you in any way we can assist you in safety driving, training you on the road safety and even offer driving education training courses solely for your staff and your students.

We have trained hundred's of nervous and novice students; that’s the main reason Jayalakshme Heavy Driving School stands among one of the best driving schools in Coimbatore. Our mission is to provide the best of driver training to students; we not only prepare students to pass the road test but we actually show them inside out of the vehicle, teach them effective collision avoidance techniques.

Our driving lessons have been specifically designed to assist students in learning not only the facts and figures necessary to pass the driving test, but also the practical skills behind the wheel they will be tested on.

For Corporate Companies

JDS knows the hectic pressure of corporate employees who work round the clock. At JDS Heavy Driving School we really try to fit in with your schedule. We know the busy schedule of corporate employees and they’ve no time for driving lessons during the week, so if it fits in with you, evening and weekend lessons are available at no extra cost. It's not a problem at all. We even offer convenient schedules with morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes exclusively for business / IT people.

For others

Safe driving for everyone has always been a concern and priority for us. Over the years we have been engaged in industry to ensure safe driving for everyone on the road. From the age of 19 to 60 we teach everyone understanding their difficulties and help them to drive safely in the busy road.

Program Structure

  • Signals
  • Pre Driving Checks
  • Road Makings
  • Driver’s Responsibility
  • Driving At Intersections
  • Types of Accidents
  • Defensive Driving
  • Driving in Night, Hills, Fog, Fuel Economy
  • Motor Vehicle Acts
  • Fire Fighting Methods
  • First Aid
  • Blood group identification





  • 60 Years in driving field
  • Trained more then one lakh drivers
  • 20+2 Days of Driving Classes | 8 kms Per Day
  • From 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM Everyday Refresher Class
  • First Driving School in Coimbatore


Kids Education


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