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"To achieve accident free society tomorrow make your kids learn traffic signals today"

Kids Education

Kids Education

Jayalakshme Heavy Driving School strongly believes on the following quote - "To create accident free society tomorrow, teach your kids traffic signals today". JDS constantly engaged in raising children’s awareness of road rules, traffic signs and safety. Our objective is to build lasting awareness of road rules among children is a vital part of our Kids Education and can influence parents, as well as future drivers.

We strongly believe that, the children will, without doubt, become more aware of the possible dangers on the roads, as well as understanding more about the rules of the road and what particular signs mean.

At JDS kids education programme, friendly instructors outline key traffic rules even youngsters should know, such as how to use a pedestrian crossing safely and how to react at the traffic lights, driver’s responsibility, as well as emphasising the importance of defensive & safety driving.

Selecting a driving school is one of the most important decisions a parent and teen will make. Driving is potentially risky, so it's vital that you find a school that cares as much about safety as you do. After you research driving education programs, you'll find that Jayalakshme Driving School is the right choice.

Safer YOU is Safer ME - Safety is our main concern, as it is yours. JDS is dedicated to creating safe drivers through quality driving education and experience, while keeping the learning process convenient and enjoyable.

To Avoid Accidents

  • Avoid Sudden break while driving
  • See the side mirror before you move the car
  • Use Dim bright in the night driving
  • While entering the main road from the cut road, give way for the vehicles to pass the main road
  • Do not have over confidence while overtaking
  • In highway use hazardous lamp while you park the vehicle
  • Do not talk and drive it may disturb the concentration from the road
  • Do not use cell phone and headphone music

Statistics of FATAL Accidents in Comparison with AIDS & CANCER

  • Road accidents are killing more 15-19 year olds than any disease in the world, including AIDS and CANCER.
  • Over 1,000 young people, most of them between 10 and 24 years, are dying everyday due to bike and car crashes.
  • Annually 1.2 million people die in road accidents, 40% of whom are under 25, while millions more are seriously injured or disabled for life.

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  • 60 Years in driving field
  • Trained more then one lakh drivers
  • 20+2 Days of Driving Classes | 8 kms Per Day
  • From 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM Everyday Refresher Class
  • First Driving School in Coimbatore


Kids Education


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